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The Purpose of a Cocktail Napkin

     Ah, the cocktail napkin.  Seems a little over the top?  Absolutely not. Not only do they come in many fabulous designs, they also serve several crucial purposes that every hostess with the mostest should know.  And that is exactly what I am going to share with you today.  Let's get started!

So what is a cocktail napkin?

    Let's start with the basics.  Most commonly made of paper or linen, a cocktail napkin is a small napkin, usually measuring 6"x6" or 4"x4".

When do I use a cocktail napkin?

     Linen cocktail napkins are used for more formal events, and not necessarily  only those fancy schmancy events like weddings or galas.  Of course they are used there, but also think other purposes: baby showers, bridal showers, holiday get togethers, the list goes on.  Basically, use them whenever you want. Think of the saying when talking about getting dressed for an occasion- it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.  This applies to cocktail napkins just the same.  It is never a no-no to use a linen cocktail napkin.  It can be a wonderful way to make a simple birthday party with family feel more special.  Treat yourself!

     Paper cocktail napkins are nice for easy clean up.  It doesn't matter if someone dabs their red lipstick on them, because you're tossing them out anyway.  Think kids birthday parties, and other less formal occasions. 

What purpose does the cocktail napkin serve?

      Ever shake someones hand, just to have your hand wet from holding your glass, and now it looks like you have sweaty hands?  The cocktail napkin solves that problem.  It also is used to prevent drips from a glass, and to make holding a cold drink more pleasant.  Say goodbye to cold, wet hands, and hello to comfort. 

Party tip:  Be sure to carry your drink in your left hand to keep your right hand free to shake hands with other guests.

How and when to serve a cocktail napkin to a guest:

     Always have a set of cocktail napkins available on or around the bar so guests can grab one as they please.  Also, when serving a drink, include a cocktail napkin with it.  Upon providing your guest with another drink, be sure to include another cocktail napkin when using paper ones. If using linen cocktail napkins, a new one is not necessary with each drink.

 Tip:  When you are the guest, be sure to use your cocktail napkin to set your drink down on. This is so the condensation from your glass does not ruin the hostess' furniture. And never, ever, ever blot your pretty red lipstick on a linen one.

"One of my favorite indulgences is pretty cocktail napkins. They add an elevated feel to any occasion, especially when they feature a design that encourages conversation." -Diane Gottsman, Americas Leader in Etiquette Training

      Cocktail napkins are so fun! Start a collection- you can never have too many! They make the perfect little gift for any hostess, graduate, wedding, or just because! I like to have different sets for different occasions- they make great conversation starters and can bring many smiles and laughs to your guests.  Never underestimate the power of a cocktail napkin.




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