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Let's Make Closets Happy

Hi, Everyone!

One thing I have come across is *gasp* messy closets. It bugs me to my core because there are so many solutions these days to help with this problem, yet too many people don't confront the mess. For me, having a well-kept closet is important. It makes me feel confident & I want you to feel that way, too. That is why I have compiled a list of things to do in order to have the closet and confidence you deserve.

1| Does it make you happy?
First, start off with the items in the closet. Back before Marie Kondo started saving peoples' sanity, I did the whole "toss-if-it-doesn't-make-you-excited" thing. And it actually worked. I would rather have less items of clothing, but ones that I love, instead of having lots of pieces that make me feel "okay". So my advice- PURGE. DONATE. REPEAT.

2| If the Shoe Fits
But what if the top that has been hanging in the back doesn't? Part of having a closet you love is loving how the pieces make you feel. It may be a pain, but trust me- going through your items and making sure they fit will do you some real good. Honestly, and I pray it never comes to this, I would rather have an ugly top that compliments my figure instead of a beautiful one that drowns me. So bottom line, if things need to be tailored, then get them tailored. Life is too short to look frumpy.

3| When you know you're a messy person but don't want everyone to know...
It's okay. We all are messy from time to time. Life happens. Storage bins are a great way to beautify your closet and hide messes. And if you know you're not the tidiest person on the planet, then at least the rest of the world won't.

4| Must...match.. THE HANGERS!
Wanna know what drives me crAzY? Mismatched hangers. Hangers you kept from the dry cleaners (don't deny it), hangers that are different colors (and shapes??), hangers that are broken but you still try to make them work. Yikes. Use the plain white ones from Walmart. Or the wooden ones from the Container Store (my fave). Use any kind you want but if you make them all match, I guarantee you your closet will look tidier in a jiffy.

5| Display
To me, less is more. I like having basic items with some fun ones thrown in (leopard dress is a must), but I don't need 3 striped shirts. I really don't need 4 pairs of cropped jeans that look alike. I have found that owning neutral colors with a pop of a jacket or blouse here and there, has done me well. Almost every item I own can be mixed and matched, creating many different outfits. Leading me to my next point... having too many items leaves your closet looking cluttered, no matter how many storage bins you have. Be thoughtful when purchasing clothes.
I realize that there are those of you that love your colors. I encourage you to wear them! Just think about your wardrobe as a whole, and decide if these new items you want 'go' with the rest of the group.

All in all, it is most important to have fun with your style and let it reflect the real you. Always.

Have any other great tips for organizing your closet? Share it with us!

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  • And when did you look in my closet? Oh well, now you know.

    Nancy Wertz

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