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Habits of a Good Party Guest

     Have you ever hosted a dinner party only to feel pressured to fill in those awkward conversation pauses, or to feel like your guests just aren't enjoying themselves? We've all been there. A fun party all starts with the people attending. So being a good guest is vital to a nice get-together. Even the hostess with the mostest can't throw a great party if her guests aren't chipping in! 

     Let's learn the different ways you can be the perfect guest!

1. Arrive about 10 minutes late and in a good mood.

     It's a good rule of thumb to be no more than 15 minutes late, because you don't want to come off as disrespectful. Show up eager to be there and in a good mood. This will immediately put your hostess at ease! Smiling faces are always a joy to welcome into your home.

2. A good guest never shows up empty-handed.

   Good gifts to bring include: Wine, fresh flowers, a tea towel, or a fun set of cocktail napkins. If you know your host doesn't drink, then maybe a bottle of wine isn't the way to go. Instead, opt for a fun set of cocktail napkins that your hostess will enjoy (and better yet, can set out for the dinner party!). 

3. Make conversation

     Don't know everyone there? That's okay! Make it a point to introduce yourself. Don't assume this task is solely on the hostess. A good guest can keep nice conversation going with anyone in attendance. This will surely make the hostess feel at ease. Plus, you never know who these strangers could be and oftentimes it results in wonderful networking opportunities and even friendships!

4. Offer to help, but don't be forceful about it.

     A good guest always offers to help clean up or help in any way possible. But if the hostess says no, respect that and move on. Oftentimes, the hostess will want their guests to keep enjoying themselves and keep the party going. If people get up to take their own dishes, it usually leaves one person at the table alone and can disrupt the social flow.

5.  A good guest knows when it's time to leave

     If you start to see the hostess getting tired, it's time to thank her for a wonderful evening and get on your way. You don't want to leave too early, but you really don't want to overstay your welcome. On your way out, be sure to thank the hostess face-to-face with a hug or handshake. Make it a point to let her know you had a great time and you're very thankful to her for hosting. 

6. Write that thank-you note!

   A good guest knows that a thank-you note is always an appropriate gesture. I love a good collection of personalized thank-you notes to have on hand. Invest in some for yourself if you have not already! Your hostess will be very appreciative! After all, they went to a lot of work to make sure you had a nice time. Make sure to send this note in a timely fashion. Don't wait a month!

    And there you have it. Follow these simple etiquette rules for being a good guest and you will make a great, lasting impression!

Cheers to a life well-designed!


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