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How to Correctly Address Christmas Cards

Good morning!

      I hope everyone had a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

      It's officially that time of year again. The time to begin (correctly) addressing your beautiful Christmas cards. I've had my fair share of mistakes, but never again. I've put together this quick, easy guide to make addressing cards a worry-free ordeal for us all. *Hair flip. 

Rule 1: If the last name ends in an SH, S, CH, or Z sound, add -ES. 

Ex: Mary & John Thomas = The Thomases. 

Rule 2: If the last name ends in -Ch but sounds like a hard K sound, add -S to the end of it. 

Rule 3: If the last name ends in any other letter, just add an -S. 

Ex: Smith = The Smiths

Rule 4: Never use apostrophes. That is never correct!

There you have it. Addressing made simple!


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