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Don't be grou(t)chy

Hi, Everyone!

Grou(t)chy is a made-up term by Yours Truly, not because I am the most clever of all, but because it accurately displays most peoples attitudes towards the matter. 

For most people, choosing grout color has never been the 'wow' moment of the design process. More times than not, it's something that gets forgotten about until the very end, and not much thought goes into selecting it. 

You might be thinking, 'Wait, don't you just choose a color that matches your material the best? That doesn't take much thought at all!'.

No ma'am. Or sir. Well, not in all situations. Don't sell your creativity short. There is some fun to be had in choosing grout colors! It can make or break a space.

Here are a couple tips: 

Scenario 1:

You have a beautiful tile for your floor that you want to let speak for itself. Maybe it's a hardwood with beautiful, natural grains. Or maybe its a really cool design on a ceramic tile. The best option here is to go with a color that blends in the background, allowing the material itself to draw all the attention. Usually this is a neutral color or one that very closely matches said material. 

This example below is a porcelain tile that looks like wood. I put it in for a client and due to its natural beauty, we wanted that to be what people focused on- not the grout. We used a neutral grout color that went with the floor but didn't draw much attention, letting the tile do the talking. Isn't it pretty. 



Scenario 2:

You have somewhat of a plain material chosen, but that doesn't mean you're going to have a plain design. Say it's a cream colored hexagon tile. But, what is going to make this material cool is the pattern it will be laid in or the shape of the material itself. For this, go with a grout color that will highly contrast the material. It doesn't have to necessarily be a neutral- try a fun color! Yes, colored grouts are a thing, and a very unique way to make a space 'pop'. Having a contrasting grout color will make the shape of the material or the pattern you lay it in stand out and become the focus. 

In the example below, I wanted my clients laundry room to be a little more on the playful side. By using a dark grout color with the light hexagon tile, the two contrasted well together. Now your eye is drawn to the fun pattern, not the flooring itself. 

So next time you're having to choose grout colors, don't wait until the last minute to do it. Instead, look forward to the process! Let your creativity flow and have fun with it. And don't get grou(t)chy. 

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