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Simple ways to customize your home

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    I have seen so many homes that have good bones but just awful design. You deserve a home that you find absolutely breathtaking & fabulous- no matter your price point. Some of these may seem like minor details, and you may find yourself wondering if something so small can actually make a difference. The answer is yes, totally. Let me explain:

     Charles Eames once said, "The details are not the details. They make the design". If you don't know who Charles Eames is, just know that he is a big deal in the design world, okay? And he was spot on. All the little details in a space create the overall atmosphere & design. You can't have a delicious meal if you put even just one nasty ingredient in it. You can't have a great story if you didn't put great detail into it. And you can't have a beautiful room if you don't use beautiful things.  So yes, each little detail is a big deal.


     Give your walls a polished look. Now, I know I specifically said "switch" plates, but this is more of a general term I used for different types of plates you may need. Here's a list of them: Switch plates & rocker plates (for lights), socket plates (for electrical outlets), and cable jack plates. You can buy them as combos (ex: a plate that has a cut out for sockets and switches). Or, you can buy them for each individual use (ex: one plate that only has cut outs for switches). They come in a variety of materials and beautiful finishes.  I once did a bathroom remodel and put in polished chrome fixtures, and a polished chrome rocker and socket plate! The chrome plates really were the finishing touch to that space that gave it the "wow" factor. 

NO. 2/10 | FAUCETS

     Chances are, the faucets in your house are the original ones. Replacing them is a great way to give your room a sophisticated look. If you want to get really fancy, then have your contractor come out and see if you can mount your sink faucets to the wall. How sleek is that. *Hair flip.


     So many times, I see kitchen updates where walls and cabinets get painted, but the same pulls and knobs are left on. Upgrade them and immedietely see a worlds difference! Maybe some sleek pulls would give your kitchen drawers a remarkable face lift. 


     Light fixtures have the power to instantly make your home feel more sophisticated. Do you have standard, cookie-cutter light fixtures? You know, the ones that you see in every other home? It's hard trying to create a modern atmosphere when the light fixture in your dining room is a bronze, curvy metal fixture. Time to replace! The good news is that it doesn't have to break the bank (don't forget to tell your husband this part). You'd be surprised at what you can afford. 


     If your house doesn't already have trim or baseboards, you can add them! If it does, but they're the thinner ones, go ahead and upgrade to a thicker one, about 5-1/2". This gives more of an upscale look. Also, there are different styles of trim. You can select from more traditional styles, or more modern ones. You'll be amazed at what a striking difference this makes!


     Garage doors say a lot about your home. Do you have a standard garage door? Switch to a beautiful wood one. Or maybe one that has glass panels. Paint or stain it a color that will pop against the rest of your house. 

     A front door also says a lot about the home. It's one of the first things guests see when they come over. Invite them inside with a fabulous front door. 

     And don't forget about your interior doors. There are many different styles- paneled solid-wood, wood with glass panels, etc.  Maybe even replace one of your current doors with a sliding wood door. How neat would that be for an office or laundry room. Talk about d-r-a-m-a. 

     Last but not least, door fixtures. They have the power to make a nice door look outstanding. Don't leave these out!


     Do you have a fireplace, but it's a little drab? Give it a total makeover. Knock out the existing tile and replace with something beautiful (can use stone, brick or porcelain/ceramic tile). Don't like the mantle? Knock it out and get a large piece of stone or wood and fix that to the wall. Hello, beautiful new mantle. If you don't want to stop there, then find a stone, wood or tile to run all the way up to the ceiling. This will create a breathtaking focal point. 


     Repeat after me: Wallpaper is not ugly. Well, it doesn't have to be. Did you know that you can get suede wall coverings? It looks as chic as it sounds. Wallpaper is perfect to create a feature wall. Or for use in a small bathroom to add life. It's a great way to make a room stand out.

NO. 9/10 | ADD BEAMS

     Add character to your home with non-structural beams! If you have high ceilings, not only does it give character, but it provides dimension to an otherwise empty space. 


    If your current paint color is dark, its amazing what a lighter cream or white color will do for your house! It instantly makes it look larger and more inviting. Don't believe me? Go look on Pinterest. Prepare to be amazed. And don't forget about the trim! Use trim color to create a beautiful contrast against the rest of your home.


     Again, the design is in the details. You deserve a beautiful home. Don't settle for anything less! Whether you are in the process of building a custom home, or simply wanting to upgrade your current one, make sure to keep these 10 tactics in mind. You'll be blown away by the transformation they'll provide!

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